The Complete Traefik Training Course


What you’ll learn

  • It will assist you get up to speed with Traefik hastly.
  • With the added help of Traefik, you will Build, Scale, and Load balance applications on it
  • Deploying a full monitoring stack with Grafana, Prometheus, and Traefik
  • Accessing student Community Slack Channel and weekly Group Calls


  • All Open Source software
  • Familiarity with CLI interface but not mandatory
  • The ability and permissions to install Docker for Mac/Linux/Windows
  • A willingness to learn and grow


This course assists you to get from 0 to production with Traefik, the Cloud Native Edge Router with hands-on labs and valuable lessons based on real-world deployments. It is created on real-world customer deployments and using this experience to build a quality course with actual scenarios.

Who this course is for:

  • People who are keen on educating themselves about reverse proxies, load balancers, Lets Encrypt, Observability, and Operations in a Cloud Native World
  • Anyone interested on coaching themselves about Cloud Native technology

Course content

10 sections • 66 lectures • 5h 1m total length

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started with Traefik
  • Configure Traefik
  • Routers & Services
  • HTTPS / TLS / Let’s Encrypt
  • Middlewares
  • Traefik Observability
  • Operations
  • Advanced Tips
  • Course Wrap Up. Certificate, and Next Steps


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