Take Charge Of Your Time (Quick 90min course on Time Management)


3 core ideas about Time will completely change the way you look at time.

  1. How to not feel guilty about spending your time on things that people call “useless”?
  2. A view into how I manage my time during the day and what my schedule is like.
  3. The one hack EVERYONE of us should be using, to become a time management ninja!

It comes from a practitioner – someone who has managed his time well and effectively over years and has a repository of experiences to share.
It is original content – you won’t find this in any book, in any video. It is the stuff that I share from my personal journey, most of which has never been shared before.
It will give you a framework to understand your time. A framework that you can use for yourself and customize it to your needs.

Who is this course for?

  • Someone who ends up wasting hours on social media, only to regret it later on.
  • An expert in procrastination and can only get work done at the last minute.
  • Unhappy about how much time you have already wasted in life doing stupid random things.
  • Incapable of saying no to people and end up working multiple shifts.

In these 90 mins I share with you how I manage my time and introduce to you 3 powerful concepts around time that help you manage it effectively. Whether you are a student or a working professional, this is an absolute must for you!

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bro give access to the link