Stream Skill's Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 Introduction Course

Stream Skill’s Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 Introduction Course

Photoshop Elements is the minimalist partner to Photoshop that delivers the same powerful picture-editing capabilities without breaking your budget.

This introductory course steers you through the curves of Photoshop Elements with over 5 hours of video material designed to be both comprehensive and easy to understand.

You’ll gain valuable editing knowledge and transform your marketing materials into works of art.

Stream Skill isn’t even close to done.

Within these 40 videos, you’ll also learn to render images the right size and shape for your needs; import, store, and organize your pictures; apply both basic and advanced techniques to enhance your images; and tons more!

It’s super easy to get started—just click on the module you want and play your video.

But the path to understanding Photoshop Elements shouldn’t be a passive one.

That’s why Stream Skill boosts the learning experience with exercise files for you to follow along.

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