stay aware of telegram scams

as all u know there are many rippers and scammers in telegram , recently one of my friend was ripped by a scammer , they may offer or tell u anything to manipulate u for their work just aware of what you are doing. change your telegram settings especially [1]setting → privacy and security → groups&channels—>who can add me to groups and channels and also change other settings also like downloading , phone number and others ,as in some channels u can see who are there in channel(ripper added people to his contacts and then added to the group ,if u change [1] then he cant add u to the group). , if my friend know about it he may not get ripped. what happened to him is he joined in a channel without knowing and in that channel there are around 3k and that channel owner added some courses which are already available and he is making some posts and some kind of scam like other many people in are ripping others and he is pretending that he is a good guy and he will provide the service like account buying and money doubling and so on he also submitted some proofs of screenshots on payments like many scam channels (as they are fake proofs i mean they are real but fake . what iam talking :joy: :sweat_smile:, i think u understand. but my friend didnt understand) and he dm that ripper and he payed him but he didnt get money back later that ripper blocked him and that channel removed him. if there is anything wrong , correct it in the reply and sorry for my bad english

may be this is enough , ithink many people changed their settings ,if anyone didnt change it and reply if u didnt done or u too have same problem of joining other groups unknowingly