Speechelo and Scriptelo | AI Copywriter and AI Voiceover

Can anyone provide these 2 software or Alternative for these ?

Speechelo: https://speechelo.com/

Scriptelo: https://scriptelo.com/


I NEED the same.

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These SUPER guys can help us with this.


Uncountable alternatives are there.

Giveaway: Text to Speech Software License Key Free (winningpc.com)

In legal ways, Giveaway: Text to Speech Software License Key Free (winningpc.com) visit this page everyday, they provide free text to audio softwares in the form of giveaway. Right now, Speech to Text Converter and Vovsoft Text to MP3 Converter are freely available.

Some good free websites are there: Free Text to Speech Software (TTS) - by Wideo

Illegal way, there are many sites providing the best and expensive softwares for free.

NaturalReader is the best and cracks are easily available, even work well but bit risky.

AI is good at intelligence but bad at emotions. Good copywriting always focus on emotions. better write yourself. Anyway cracks are available even for this sotware.

If you want message, i’ll provide the links.

Last point: Go with the natural voice and writing style, these softwares kills the feeling of living. We are humans and we like the human way.

Just imagine, you got a message from a girl named Sarah… how excited you’ll be, but after 3 seconds… you reliased it is from software… you’ll really disapoint, right? same with softwares.

All the best, man!


Hey listen to this voice of video , whether it seems robotic for you ? https://www.canva.com/design/DAFInyu8-gE/eExeLL7capC144wQAws88w/watch?utm_content=DAFInyu8-gE&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=publishsharelink


Which software and how did you created that ?

kindly provide me speechelo software access


I used azure text to speech , with some modifications in tone, pitch and speed . Most of what I heard they say speechelo is not good as they advertised.

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Try WellSaidLabs - Most realistic human voice generator. It also offers 7 day free trial without cc