[Special Share] Sam Kolder - Creative Masterclass

@Sibijay Would it be great if you share it to me please. Thanks in advance :pray:

The course seem Fascinating to learn!! Where do I get the link ? :star2: I do got Premiere Pro will brush up some new skills too.

All slots filled.

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Could you please share the link again, brother? We really need this.

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Please, be kind to drop the download link. Thank you for your kindness.

link ? ty in advance

How can i get this trust level

Follow the link Forum User Guide

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Thank you for sharing with us @Sibijay

Could you please share this course with me?


i want this course so bad, thanks for the share.

Hello sibijay need this course please share it

hello bro kindly share me the course am a level 2 trust member

I would like to request for the link of this course.Thanks for sharing. :grinning:

:bangbang: Attention :bangbang:

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Would love to have this :smiley:


Hi I’m a member, could I get the link to this please?

hello im a member, can I get the link now, please?

Hi @Sibijay

Good day,

Could you please share the link with me?


I am a member; may I get the link. please?