[Special] Brian Dean – Create Profitable Courses

Brian Dean – Create Profitable Courses

Learn How to Plan, Outline, Create
and Launch a Successful Online Course (Step-By-Step)

How To Create a Profitable Online Course From Scratch

1. Choose a topic with proven demand.

2. Launch your online course using a tested step-by-step system.

3. Tap into advanced strategies to scale and grow.

I recently boiled everything down into an easy-to-implement system called Create Profitable Courses — and today it’s available for the first time ever.

Join Create Profitable Courses today. And I’ll show you exactly how to plan, create and sell profitable online courses.
This is the exact blueprint that I personally used to take Backlinko from scratch to a multi-million dollar online course business.
And it’s the same system that I use today.
Inside this all-new training, I share my proprietary system for creating high-converting online courses that people love to buy… again… and again… and again.
I’ve quietly developed and tested this system ever since I launched my first course back in 2013. And I’ve refined my approach over the past 7 years.
Plus, I’ll also share the advanced tactics and techniques that can help you scale your course business to 6-figures, 7-figures and beyond.
You’ll never have to wonder “what do I do next?” because you’ll have a step-by-step blueprint for creating profitable online courses.

Create Profitable Courses is my step-by-step system for planning, creating, launching and scaling profitable online courses.
You can access it here: Brian Dean – Create Profitable Courses – Google Drive


This dude kicks ass. He has some of the best training and techniques.

His method of teaching is quite robust.

Would like to hear if anyone has tried this or his other courses.

@Space.coursesdl Appreciate these timely shares. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you. We’ll update more. Thanks.

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Brian Dean - First Page Videos - Google Drive

Has this one aimed at those who want to be an SEO more than a professional. I’m doing this one already and I’m going to start this one from profitable courses and unite the two in my profession

If you use that course, please share some things with me. Thank you.


There are five modules.
However, Google Drive only has three modules.
Perhaps someone here has the remaining modules.
Please share it if you have it.


Oh. I think I can help you. We’ll exchange private. You can inbox me. Welcome.

This is HALF the course; upload the rest.

HALF of the files in the HALF the course here are password protected (the .BAK files)

Can you guys upload the full files