Some Intresting Websites You Didn't know

1. - find any tool you need in the website making

2. - creating a website it tells you which features will work on which browsers

3. - you can literally find the documentation of any particular function or code in sec

4. - This one can tell you the size of the package u need.

5. - real world unsafe variable names

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I already saw this somewhere and Saved it. Then forgot it. Now Iā€™m gonna save this again to never use it. :man_facepalming:
Thanks for the share tho.

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may be in onehack forum ? I also saw it there :smiley:

Yupp, By SAM . He is like content sharing GOD. From very cool to everyday use information from his various posts.

Onehack forum? whatsthat? please?

Google has your answer