[Solved] How to get free unlimited Shutterstock Images

Goto this website and search for stock images, vectors, PSD, fonts and more
everything in one place :slight_smile:


So when I first saw the post I tried all the sites. I immediately noticed that all stock photos were coming in without the watermark, but in lo res. I clearly remember one of the sites offered vector downloads. I tried and downloaded a few and checked them in Illustrator. I think the site was Vectorstock. So in essence you need to to to Vectorstock, find the link and then use these sites to download it.

I just tried the nohat site listed in the post and looked for vector files and it definitely worked.

The sites are a bit confusing, but they do deliver the vector files and vector files being resolution independent, there is no issue of them being lo resolution. You may be getting confused about how to use these sites.

But, yes. I just reconfirmed it. I went to the main Vectorgrove website, selected a vector file, copied the url for it, then went to the downloader site and selected the download option from Vectorgrove, entered the link and shazaam!

Got the proper vector files and they are fully useable and “high resolution”, so to speak as vectors have no resolution. It even offered the option of 5000x5000 dpi psd files. And those worked too! Came in and totally hi resolution and useable.

For those that have problem with low quality use Remini on android or photo enhancment software on the computer. I’m currently trying some of those out. I’ll let you know which works best when I figure it out, but Remini works really good. It would be better if it wasn’t just an app, but that’s why i’m trying the computer software to see if any give me similar results.