[SOLVED] How to get Discord Nitro with 3 Live CCs (100% Working)

Discord Nitro

Claim your free Discord Nitro → Here

CCs :

Name for the card: John


Credit Card Number: 5297500601008568

Credit Card Expiry: 05/23

Credit Card CVV2: 468

Name: John Davis
Address: Newtown street 68
Zipcode: 10010
Country: US
City: New York
State: New York


Once you buy the discord nitro you must go to subscriptions, cancel the subscription (the nitro will still be there) then you must go to billing and delete your card. This is because discord is bannign all people with fake ccs added.


Why you need CC when they are giving it free of cost for 3 months.
Can you please explain? I didn’t understand this :face_with_monocle:

Many trials for subscription services ask for CC since they hope you don’t cancel and continue the subscription to pay for Nitro regularly.
They also use it as a way to lessen abuse of the free trial.
Only a few trials require no CC.

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My friend tried the CCs. None are working anymore.


yeah no one of these is working :angry:

Use a real credit card and after activating nitro remove the payment from settings to avoid autorenewal.

Patched not working anymore like any other fake ccs too remove them before dc bans u

not working! not working !!!