[SOLVED] How to Get Azure RDP (100% Working)

I’m not sure what you’re going to use it for, but I believe it will last 7 days. You have unrestricted access.

Follow the steps and get yourself a RDP


Read step by step: -

  1. Go to the cloud academy website and register for a free trial with
    BIN: 5491844
  2. He will ask several questions and give the following answer:
  • What are you trying to achieve: get certified
  • Which best describes your role; Developer
    Topics you are interested in: Azure, Aws, GoogleCloud
  1. Then, after registering, confirm your email. (Important)
  2. Next, on the cloud academy dashboard, search for “Login to Amazon Web Services Console” and from the side menu select “Practice Lab”, select a course, and you can select any course that includes an Azure workbench.
  3. Then click Start Lab.
  4. Then the username and password are displayed ???.
  5. Use them to log in to portal azure.
  6. You will get an azure subscription.



need verify number:)

use sms bypass sites like text now , 2nd line

Some of these numbers may be blocked … but there are many sites like these , if you do some research on google… you will find the working one

can you share any bin checker site, some of them are not working

they are telling me to skip trial when i click on start lab

help needed bro how to do it correctly pls tell in brief


bhai i’ve done all correctly, but after clicking on start lab, it is saying to skip trial and upgrade

i got bin and created account
but how to get windows azure , aws RDPs?
i cant get