[SOLVED] How to Download from Disney Plus

This is a tutorial on how to WEB-DL from Disney plus.

:scroll: Requirements:

  • Stream Detector extension,
  • Widevine L3 Decryptor extension
  • FFMPEG.exe
  • mkvmerge
  • N_m3u8DL-CLI_v2.9.7.exe
  • mp4decrypt.exe
  • Batch file
  • Google Chrome v87 or earlier

:inbox_tray: Let’s Download and set up all the required tools.

Download the following two GitHub repositories as .zip file

GitHub - cryptonek/widevine-l3-decryptor: Mirror of the original repo (Google has DMCA’d many repositories, so have a backup)

Extract them, after extraction you will have two folders. Open Google Chrome v87 or earlier and goto chrome://extensions/ . Enable Developer Mode on the page and click on Load unpacked and select both folders separately.

After that make sure both the Extensions are visible in chrome://extensions/ page.

how to download videos from Disney plus tutorial


**FFMPEG.exe : ** gyan.dev/ffmpeg/builds
**N_m3u8DL-CLI_v2.9.7.exe : ** github.com/nilaoda/N_m3u8DL-CLI/releases
**mkvmerge : ** videohelp.com/software/MKVToolNix
**mp4decrypt.exe : ** bento4.com/documentation/mp4decrypt
disney.bat - pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/5mMyfrKqK3

how to download videos from Disney plus tutorial

The script is based on the following repository

how to download videos from Disney plus tutorial

Now on Disney Plus

  • First of all, you need a Disney Plus account.
  • Before you go to the movie or series you want to rip, open inspect element or press ctr + shift + i , and keep it open.
  • Then go ahead and play whichever movie or series you want. Now on the top right corner where your extensions are, you should see this:

Click on the extension and copy the one that starts with “ctr-all”

Open the batch file named “disney+” enter whatever name you want, then the link you copied, should look something like this:

how to download videos from Disney plus tutorial

If you want higher quality files, remove everything after “.m3u8”. You can’t decrypt the 4K video file if you choose to do this, because it uses L1 encryption, but you will be able to get the highest quality audio file, which is atmos.

how to download videos from Disney plus tutorial

Select whichever language you want.

Do the same with the subtitles, when you have done that it should start downloading the video file automatically.

When it’s done downloading audio, subtitles, and video, you should get this

(for some reason the text is overlapping but it still works)

Now, go back to the browser and go to console, like this

It should say WidevineDecryptor: Found key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (KID=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) copy the first key and paste it into the program, then copy the second key, and do the same.

It should show you a progress bar if everything is done correctly, then the program will close automatically.

You should find the final file in C:\Rips\Rips.

:warning: Use at your own risk.


hey i know u explain it very well. But i have some issue can u help me

can you help pme with hbo max

I tried this guide and it’s work fine, but the app can’t decrypt the audio file, any idea?

Has anyone ever got their account flagged using this method?

Do you know where the new Widevine Decryptor can be found?

Sure, the same GitHub link, posted above.

Looks interesting, will give this a try