Software crack request

I don´t know if this is against this forum TOS but I checked the “About the software & Tools” category and I didn´t see anything that will tell me it is.

I have an old cracked version of a software (v3.5.2) I use pretty much every day in my line of work as a freelancer and I would like to know if there´s anyone here that can do me the honors to download the latest version (v4.5.0) and crack it for me?

The software is called Sitebulb and it´s a website/page analysis and auditing tool.

I can´t stress enough how huge this would be for me and for many other marketers.


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Or any other SEO audit tool you feel it would be easier to crack. These are the best choices right now on the market…


Thanks in advanced!

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Nobody? Can´t believe nobody will know someone that can do this job for me.

Adobe Photoshop 2020 or 2021