Skynet: File Sharing Platform

I just came to know about this and thought to share it with you all.
So, basically Skynet is a completely decentralized file-sharing and content delivery platform built on top of the Sia cloud storage network.
Upon uploading a file, Skynet generates a 46 byte link called a Skylink. This link can then be shared with anyone to retrieve the file on any Skynet Webportal.
Some Positive Points:
-There is no limit for download speed.
-No need for sign up (completely anonymous upload and download)
-Doesnt contribute to your personal storage like Mega, GDrive, Onedrive.
-As long as one have the link the file can be downloaded.

LIMITATIONS I have came across:
-Limit for uploading a folder: 1GB
-Limit for a single single file: 1GB

But In my opinion thats a great file sharing option.
And, You can setup your own Skynet Web Portal:

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Thats some really good file sharing site

good share info…