SkillShare 3-Months Account Giveaway

Hello Freesoff Community, I am back with Skillshare giveaway. I don’t know how many I can provide but will try to provide to each everyone who message to me.

You should have earned at least basic badge to be eligible for the giveaway.


This is awesome… love to have Skillshare access

I have the basic badges. Please give me.

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It would be nice to share the cookies instead of credentials, since everyone can have access to them. :wink:

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To be honest I don’t know how to capture cookies. If you teach me then we can go with the cookies.

Thanks Brother I got 4 MOnths of Skillshare account from HIm :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: He overdelivered Me extra 1 month

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Thanks, @Chris_Potter for giving me Skillshare 3 Months Giveaway. I appreciate your work for giving me such an opportunity to learn various things. Also Thanks FREESOFF.COM


I have the basic badges too. Please give me. thank you very much


I have the basic badges please give me tks bro

Thanks, @Chris_Potter for giving me Skillshare 3 Months Giveaway. It’s good that he gives one more month. And also thank you Freesoff

Great work @Chris_Potter . I got 3 months of skillshare account. Thank you.

  1. Download cookie editor chrome extension in google chrome browser.
  2. Go to website and login.
  3. Click on the export button in cookie editor extension.
  4. Share the cookies copied to your clipboard.
    If you have enough accounts can you share me 1?. I can also share the cookies.
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I have the basic badges according to the give-away rule. Please provide for me the account.

THANK YOU @Chris_Potter for skillshare account i appritiate that!! Great Job


Please provide me. I need it please

Thank you so much @Chris_Potter awesome bro i got 4 month Giveaway :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Hello I have basic badge, also my birthday today…can you make it special?

Sure buddy!! Many Many Happy returns of the day!! Message Your email personally