🎁 Skillshare 1 year Premium Account x3

I just got a job as community manager after two years of unemployment
it’s a 5 star restaurant and I have to learn how to manage the pages and profiles but also learn how to take professional photos of the dishes and the rest
I also have to learn more English because I am French
and learn how to manage and create content
I don’t have the means at the moment but if I can do it I’ll commit and give the account back to the one who gave it to me

I need it very much. Previously when I had skillshare 1 month account I used to refer it so often for studying purpose but now I dont have any account. Please provide me with the account. I will be very grateful for the same.

  1. I need this cause I can’t get all the needed course for free …
  2. Well , I can’t pay for Skillshare but I am very enthusiastic learner !
  1. I need this course to learn my hobbies
  2. we should choose me because i am dedicated to learn new things
  1. I would be able to enhance my job, learn new things, and broaden my knowledge with the help of this membership. Having access to exclusive content and a group of like-minded students would be a great asset. It would also enable me to network with professionals in the field. I am extremely driven to take advantage of the chance to learn and develop through Skillshare’s platform.

  2. I should be chosen to receive a Skillshare subscription for a year because I have a strong desire to benefit from the chance to learn and grow using the platform. If I were to win this subscription, I’d have access to a multitude of educational resources on a range of subjects, enhancing my ability to learn new things, expand my knowledge, and improve my job abilities.

Chatgpt Response

  1. A Skillshare subscription offers access to a wide range of educational resources on various subjects, allowing you to enhance your job abilities, learn new things, and broaden your knowledge. Additionally, the exclusive content and community of like-minded students can provide valuable support and networking opportunities.
  2. You should choose me for a Skillshare subscription because I am highly motivated to take advantage of the platform’s resources and improve my skills. I am eager to learn new things and expand my knowledge, and I believe that the access to exclusive content and a community of like-minded students would be extremely beneficial for me. Furthermore, I am highly committed to making the most of this opportunity to learn and develop through the Skillshare platform.
    Nevertheless I highly need the skillshare account.

Giveaway ended


PM me an email and password.