Simple URL Tricks For Google Drive You Should Know

Google Drive Web Viewer
Google Drive includes a built-in web viewer so people can view your shared files - from Microsoft Office documents to videos to AutoCAD drawings - directly in their browser. You can use this web viewer to view online files without having to download the files to your computer.

Replace FILE_URL with the full http link of the online document and anyone can view your file in the browser itself. Here’s an example 12.

Reader Mode for Google Drive Files
You can view native Google documents in reader mode (sans the Google UI) by simply replace /edit in the Google Drive file URL with /preview.

So if the original share link of a file in Google Drive is:

You can view the same document in a clean, reader mode using the link:

Copy and Make any shared Google Drive File your own

Replace /edit with /copy in the URL of any native Google Drive file and anyone can click that link to quickly make a copy of that file in their own Google Drive. Try here 2.

Original Link:
Copy Link: https://docs.go // Remove Space in google

The /copy URL trick works for Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Google Scripts. Add ?copyComments=true if you would like the copied document to include the comments from the original document. Set includeResolvedCommentsOnCopy=false to skip copying resolved comments and copyCollaborators=false to not share the copied document with the original collaborators.

You can use it for Google Forms as well but the form will be copied to another user’s Google Account only if the form owner has granted access to the form.

Invite users when copying documents

If you add [email protected] to the copy URL, the Google user who is copying the document will be prompted to share the document with the specific Google account immediately after copying the document.

// remove space in google

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