[Selling] Envato Elements private account 30 days | Unlimited Downloads - $2

Envato Elements account 30 days just 2 | Unlimited Downloads

This is 100% safe account | this is your personal account not shared account so don’t worry.

Monthly Renewal Possible in the same account.

Payment Method: PayPal / phone pay / google pay

:star: Envato Tuts+ is included

:star: If your subscription ends don’t worry, I will renew it at the same price and on the same email only.

paypal fee extra $0.59

pm me for more info

:white_check_mark: Refund Policy
Star :star: All accounts will work for 30 days If you do not receive your account, your money will be refunded within 2 days.

@Akash also selling same service

Check here :point_right: [BUY] Envato elements premium account for $2 - Unlimited Downloads


i want to activate my account so how can i contact you?please tell me.

So, finally freesoff also becoming a sellers platform.

come ib brother

Never Freesoff just start supporting selling, but Freesoff main goal is providing help to all members :heart:


It doesn’t matter if it is becoming a seller’s platform or not because even if they are providing u value at lower prices than original Then it is worth it.If u don’t want to buy just don’t buy but just stop commenting useless things . :v:


Greetings All,
I just received my envato 1-month membership. 5 bucks. It’s all good; the transaction was fast - I recieved my account info within minutes. Thank you DevDay!


Who can we trust you bro?
You are not active member and even you didn’t create single post for forum. Dev is contributing so much for this community and he also ran giveaway like free envato elemets accounts and free canva pro accounts.

So it is better to buy it from dev

@Hemanth @ashok please block him immediately


Thanks @mr.hackx


Thanks for buying :blush: :heart:

How much in Indian Currency?

280inr only

@George_Smith you pay me $5 but now i change price so please come inbox

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After check other forum price now i change my price to $2 for 30 days envato accounts i don’t want to sell in high price


Just got the 1 month subscription.
Mind Blowing Deal. Not only we get Envato Tuts+ for courses and some e-books, we do also get access to Twenty20 by Envato which has a huge collection of around 50M+ stock photos. Thanks @Devday for this subscription at this affordable price. Expecting more such awesome deals in the upcoming days from your side. Thanks again. Will update here post renewal after a month.


Thanks for buying brother

Hi DevDay, I certainly appreciate you letting me know and offering the reduced price, but… wouldn’t it be too much of a hassle to make the paypal correction? Also, from a purely contractual/legal standpoint, I believe you have a case for sticking to the original price:

  1. The agreed-to price was $5 US. I knew that initially.
  2. You furnished what you advertised (i.e. no bait-and-switch), and
  3. The price was fair and reasonable.
  4. I was of sound mind* when I agreed to the transaction.
  • The last one’s debatable ; )

BUT ANYWAY, if there’s another, easier way you can make the adjustment, I’m flexible. Dunno. Another freebie that’s similar in value? Some barter, perhaps? Wives? Canoes? Beaver pelts?
Not to worry, I still think your site rocks.

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I want to buy. But I dont know how to start a message

Do the accounts require to solve reCAPTCHA when downloading items?
On a shared one that you can log in with cookies, I have to solve reCAPTCHA for each download.
If no, then it is worth buying an account. I’ll consider it.
Also, I am interested in how the sellers can supply accounts so cheap.