Scala Interview Questions and Answers

Practice here the top interview questions on Scala.

  1. Explain what is Scala.
  2. What do you mean by a Scala map?
  3. List the advantages of using scala over other functional programming languages.
  4. Tell the advantages of companion objects when used in Scala?
  5. Which Scala library is used for functional programming?
  6. Differentiate Nil, Null, None, and Nothing in scala.
  7. What do you mean by a case class in Scala?
  8. What do you understand by applying and unapply methods in scala?
  9. Differentiate between Array and List in Scala.
  10. What do you understand by an implicit parameter in Scala?
  11. What do you understand by tail recursion in Scala?
  12. What is PreDef in Scala?
  13. Explain what is Unit in Scala is?
  14. What is “Type Inference” in Scala?
  15. What is Monad in Scala?
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