Sam Kolder - DaVinci Resolve Masterclass (Worth $800)

Go From Beginner To Expert At The Best Editing Software In The Industry

What You’ll Learn in the DaVinci Module​

Learn Sam’s custom keyboard shortcuts that will allow you to flow through the program seamlessly.**​
Learn to make complex transitions and effects in Fusion, DaVinci’s built in Node based compositing software.
The node based color grading workflow and how to use all the powerful tools available in the color page to be able to confidently bring your color grading ideas to life.
Learn Sam’s exact process of piecing together a big budget advertisement from start to finish.
Sound design
Bring more life to your edits by adding professional sound design in Fairlight.
Multi cam editing, future transition breakdowns, tips and tricks and much more.
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can you upload it again? drive folder is empty.

where is videos its empty cany you upload again

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New working link added.

i cant download allfile in a day…can you suggest please me a megga mirror.??

Please search the forums for options to download from Mega.

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what is the decryption key


No decryption key added for this link

I have a question for you guys, once you extracted the .rar archives did you get some errors? Cause it seems that some video are ‘corrupted’, to be more specific the following ones:

3 Shortcuts:

  • 5 Raven Claw Davinci Shortcuts part 3 Shortcuts Kolder Creativ.mp4

6 Media Tab:

  • 5 Smart Bins Media Tab Kolder Creative.mp4

8. Edit Tab:

  • 5 Edit tab - Optical Flow and Speed Warp Edit Tab Kolder Creat.mp4

10. Color Tab:

  • 5 Curves part 1 Color Tab Kolder Creative.mp4
  • 19 Stills and Power Grades Color Tab Kolder Creative.mp4
  • 24 Group Clips Color Tab Kolder Creative.mp4
  • 29 Watch me color grade (full project) part 1 Color Tab Kolder.mp4

11. Fairlight:

  • 9 Watch me sound design Part 2 Fairlight Kolder Creative.mp4

Except for that, everything works fine (and I really thank you for sharing it :man_bowing: )

Thank you very much!

Thank you so much. Qnks.

Thnakyou for the share… world needs more… :grinning:

For me all the files are working without any error…

thank you so much for this upload. best course ever

Thanks for the info :blush: I indeed finally used a virtual machine with Windows to extract all the files and they were all good :tada:


You’re the best as always sir

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good…this course is really valuable …but i need google drive link

Are the original media files also part of the download? The files to perform the same edits as Sam?