Sam Docker – Complete Wedding Photographer Course

Make a career and successful business out of wedding photography,

The course is packed with ideas and lessons on how to improve as a photographer, to target your dream clients (and convert them), how to shoot effectively and be confident in any lighting situation.

What will be covered

  • Shooting Setup and techniques – we explore visual triggers I regularly look for at weddings, influences and understanding the creative process, and how to setup your camera to maximise the potential from each and every wedding.
  • Branding and Marketing – from SEO, creating your brand, to web design and user experience. Any subject on how to get your name in front of the audience and how to sell without selling, we cover it here.
  • Social Media – my tips on consistently growing your brand on social, along with managing the platforms efficient and effectively.
  • Business and Systems – how to run an efficient business, and be professional. If you’re regularly juggling excel spreadsheets and worried about double booking or missing invoices, you won’t be after this.
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