RoundTheClock Leadership - VIP Experience Program

Igniting Self-Actualization through Value-Insight-Purpose Based Learning, Personal Transformation and Self Leadership.

RoundTheClock Leadership - VIP Experience program is a thought-provoking, in-depth leadership program designed to ignite self-realization - the fulfillment by oneself of the possibilities of one’s character or personality - through value, insight and purpose based life-long learning strats.It appeals to complex psychology, education and social sciences principles, yet it is easy to follow, straight to the point and has all the secret ingredients to channel theory into practice and shift the center of psychological life from the ego to the Self in order to achieve the harmonization of the personality.

What You’ll Learn

  • Identify your core values and translate them into behaviors that reflect them;
  • Gain extra awareness of core and meta needs;
  • Discard or replace behaviors that do not align with your values;
  • Identify or even eliminate conflict within your personality;
  • Have a better understanding of who you are at core level;
  • Elaborate your “Ideal Model”;
  • Define your personal “Theory of Everything”;
  • Set daring goals for yourself, personally and professionally;
  • Cultivate an expanded state of consciousness;
  • Align to a purpose greater than yourself;
  • Minimize loses and maximize resource investments, such as , energy, money, feelings and emotions;
  • Praise yourself properly for all of your human qualities.
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