Ridd - Figma Academy

Learn advanced design tactics with hands-on lessons delivered directly inside of Figma. This course is jam-packed with design tactics and mental models that will make you more valuable to your team and help you take the next step in your career.

Figma Academy is for designers who have a solid foundation but want to go beyond the theory and develop practical strategies that push their craft further.

Master advanced Figma techniques and systems

Learn new ways to get the most out of Figma, work more effectively, and establish systems that will benefit your entire team.

Become the engineering team’s favorite designer

Learn specific strategies to help you collaborate with developers more effectively and craft interfaces that are intuitive to build.

Develop a more technical skillset

Go from designer to “builder” by exploring how Figma complements code and by learning new ways to approach your designs.


Download ← Figma Files only

PN: This is a Figma based course. Please import all the lessons from the “Lesson” directory and you can find all those chapters.


Could somebody update the link?

link not working please update

Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Link updated.

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The videos are not available in the zip file.


…then what is there in the 300+Mb file?

Hi @Sibijay

There are Figma files only.

Got more information on the course.

This is a complete Figma based course. You will have to import all the lessons from the “Lesson” directory into Figma. After that you will be able to view those chapters.

OP updated.


Thank you for your information.

Awesome!! Thanks very much. Any chance you have access to version 2.0?