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I need your advise regarding my content on Youtube.

Actually,I have a small channel on Youtube ,where I make videos on Maths,Science ,anything related to studies,in my regional language.

I would be very grateful,if our members can guide me where i can find gifs,animations,images for my videos{basically related to mathematics or physics} .It will certainly enhance the explainations.

I edit my videos on kinemaster on ipad and don’t have an high end pc for editing.So,my resources are limited.It would be great if anyone suggest me some better alternative but i am bit comfortable on kinemaster.

Lastly,i basically do screen recording ,so not very heavy editing is applicable.

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if you want to use the ipad then you can use vn editor
that can be a replacement of kinemaster

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I do use it sometimes.The underlying features are basically same.Nonetheless,do you have any idea where i can find the resources and elements in general.Because a simple google search won’t help.Thanks.

please clear one thing
you need the mathematics related pics or the solutions of the problems in the pictures?

Related pics or gifs.

if you want related pics then you can search on freepik
may be you can get some free vectors or pics

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Freepik and you search on goodle for imges use Google lens for images and also type png imges on google

If you need gif? I suggest you go to and search for what you need, for example math.

or else? You can actually make your own gifs if you wanted too… by going to this site and pasting any video url link, such as a YouTube link. You can edit a bit like adding some text into it and then download.

For pictures? There are many free image resources available online, such as Freepik, Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash.

I hope this helps, and I wish you the best with your educational channel. We need that, especially now when most of the videos on YouTube are garbage like poverty p*rn, fake pranks, fake reactions to a fake pranks, etc.

Have a great day~! :upside_down_face:


use to remove backgrounds
canva pro has everything you need though
search google, and also use google lens app on images incase you need any image of higher quality
you can also get many free resources for teachers, like google class room
best LMS is thinkific which has a free plan
get a good intro and outro video for you channel using Canva video ( do that on pc one day)
I suggest you get a small pc, second hand coz it will be easier with work flows