Reso Coder - Flutter Developer Bootcamp (1.2022)

Strive for Excellence With FDB

Things you’re going to learn in the bootcamp go way beyond any of the free content I’ve released on YouTube whether you are a beginner or advanced.

What’s Covered

Week 1
You’ll get everything set up whether you are a complete beginner or an already experienced Flutter developer. I’ll show you everything from installing Flutter SDK to configuring your code editor to become a productive development environment.

Week 2
By the end of this week, you are fully going to understand how the Flutter framework operates. You will learn how to build user interfaces, manage the state of an app, deal with user input, navigate between pages, and more.

Week 3
We’re finally going to start building the main production-grade app this week - Repo Viewer. This is a complex GitHub client app with all the best practices applied.

Week 4
This week is all about authentication with a remote server using the industry-standard OAuth2 protocol. We’re going to create a proper solution for signing into Flutter apps, including secure persistence of the tokens, so that the user doesn’t have to sign in every time the app is launched.

Week 5
Getting paginated data from the server, caching it locally, and showing it in the user interface - these are the things you’re going to learn in the fourth week by displaying the starred GitHub repositories of the signed-in user.

Week 6
More often than not, individual features of an app are very similar to each another, yet they’re not completely identical. It’s no small task to properly extract the duplicated code and create abstractions without messing up your existing codebase. This week is all about proper code duplication removal techniques.

Week 7
This will be also the case with our Repo Viewer where we need to show the README file of a GitHub repository. Among other things that need to happen for this to be possible, you’re going to learn how to properly use a WebView.

Week 8
Internationalization (i18n) of apps is a must in the global app market. There are so many ways to add support for multiple languages that it’s easy to get confused. You are going to learn how to do it the right way.
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