[REQUESTED] Live TV streaming websites for FREE! [2021]

Here are 5 Live TV/show websites here :slight_smile:


I think 5 are enough, I have couple more sites, if you want you cant request. HAPPY STREAMING .


1- Not acceptable to be FORCED to sign up right away before having even seen what’s going on in this site
2- mywatchseries doesn’t work for me : ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR
3- the telegram channel/group or whatever you wanna call it for couchtuner doesn’t work either… in case you can do anything about it.
4- rinzry just continually spins instead of reaching destination… so that one doesn’t work either.

But then again I understand you can’t guarantee how long they’re gonna last :wink:

Just thought I’d let you know

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Two links that worked for me or is working are:

bstsrs : It’s more like a links curation site. Not a streaming site. If you want to watch any episodes you want to watch, you have to go to the respective site where it was hosted. Most of these links are active and quality is good.

rinzry : First of all I like this one. This is not a video streaming site per-se. This is more like a text directory of available movies and tv-series which you can download or watch (your choice). Quality is limited to 1080p Blu-ray. It doesn’t go higher than that. Found many movies and tv-series which I needed to download and I did most of them. And best part, no ads and trackers.

Ayush, can you send me some more links that you are recommending?

This was the list I made. It’s a bit outdated. But hope some still works.


https://flixhq.ru (Clone)
https://www3.fbox.to (Clone)

https://www3.6movies.net (Clone)



MOVIEBAY (Subscription removes ads)





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Thanks for the link.

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I watch here all of the videos are 1080p and there are multiple subtitles you can use.

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thank you! for steaming sites…>>

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This is my favourite

hi Thx for this. bstsrs.one is my fave for newest tv series/episodes but i recently have noy been able to open any of the links they give to open and watch ANY tv shows because my macbook pad and mouse gets no response when i click on any of their links to watch any/all tv shows…not sure why? this isnt happening on any other free stream sites so cant figure it out I’ve tried turnong off all pop up blockers etc but doesnt solve problem. Any suggestions or tweaks to fix this? Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. try with another browser . brave should do it
  2. I use fmovies.to and for me at least has all the hot stuff and also older stuff.