Request : If anyone had this ebook then please let us know

If anyone had this ebook then please contact here .

thanks in advance


Please I need this. Thank you for your reply.

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anyone have this please reply

I believe a full course about this topic was posted last year

nope ! this is different ebook . it’s by entrepreneurfluent . and the course which had publish before is by millionairesteps . that course is rubbish . this is book is genuinely good.

Please if you say the ebook is good, kindly send the ebook since you’ve read it. Thanks

The seller had given the demo ebook on site on which he shown lots of stuff . i have seen his page . he had millions of views on reels . and he got 10k+ followers monthly on basis of reels ( organic ) . I want that ebook too.

Have you tried requesting from file pursuit. Maybe they can get that book for free.

I don’t know, pls can you help. This will be very much appreciated. Thanks for all your efforts!

I’ve searched it everywhere, it is not that much popular that’s why we can’t get it anywhere. but contains good information .
so, if somebody purchase it then it will be good for us

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The book is new hence no popularity or demand. Still, it’s only 9 pounds. I’m sure someone could afford it

Sorry bro, I tried requesting but it didn’t work.

can we group buy it? If interested reply to me.