[Request] I can exchange a 4.2 TB drive containing all types of course, if you just get me course's from this website.

Hi. Every one in seven person suffers from social anxiety and shyness. I have found some courses which has brought phenomenal results for people suffering from same. It’s a practical course, so no theory, they use a Technique known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to overcome social anxiety.

I’ll share a 4.2 TB drive containing almost all types of courses.

I’m giving the link for the course’s requested above. They have around 4-5 course’s. Please get them all.



Yess please i also need this. i suffer from this kind of problems, i was trying to find a solutions from long time. i think this course will help me
please get this link to download @admins @Hemanth @Ashok


I dunno
There seems to be a problem with the website

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Definitely it can help. I too suffer from same. And I’ve done my whole research regarding my overcoming it. And this is the only thing that seems to work.

So these course’s doesn’t tell you: how to be confident, start conversation and all.

They use a tapping technique which we can follow along. What it does is it brings up situations when we faced social anxiety. And then through tapping they’re all cleared up. So the root cause is itself cleared in a matter of time.

So confidence and all other other things required for social skills naturally comes to us. Rather than we faking it.

Please brother you also try to request to someone who can get those course’s.

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Hello, I’m new to the community here. Yes, EFT works for nearly everything and it is an incredible tool! Sadly, I don’t have the course you are looking for. However, I want to suggest a resource for EFT that is absolutely incredible and helping me in so many ways.
Look up Brad Yates on YouTube. He has made hundreds of EFT videos on many different issues including the ones you’re looking for. He also has a course on EFT found on his website.
Give it a try…it might be exactly what you’re looking for!!
Best Wishes :grinning:


I also want this… Share, if you find it later


I need this course as well. Giving an upvote! :smiley:


@hemanth @ashok please help in getting these!

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Yes Please post these :v: :v:

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I also want this course.


Anything?You got them??

I need this too …

man doing a group buy is better

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