Request for unlimited space on Google drive

This is my first giveaway, and I am happy to announce that everyone will get the products. I will share a shared device from my .edu google drive account, which will have unlimited space. A total space means you can add infinite tb/s of data to them. Since these drives will be from an edu account, You must not:

  • Add any NSFW material to it
  • Add the most private thing of your life (I mean, you can, but what if google changed their rules)
  • Spam any material
  • Creating tons of empty shared drives
  • Storing Tb of data that you will never use

What will happen if you abuse?

  • Google will put restrictions as they will do on my EDU account
  • University and organizations can delete all team drives (Because I am using their accounts :hugs:)
  • University and organizations will cancel their subscription
  • I will stop posting new material (worst-case scenario :roll_eyes:)

Choosing winners

  • 10 people will receive drives every week.
  • There will be 5 picks on wednesday and other 5 on saturday.
  • The picks will be random. I mean I won’t select the people but a wheel would.

How to participate?

  • Your account must be 3 days old.
  • You must like and comment on this thread
  • If you have won, please don’t try to make an entry in the new giveaway. Your comment will be deleted anyways

How will you know that you have gotten your shared drive (for newbies)?

  • You will get the option of this shared drive once someone has shared it with you.

Screenshot 2022-12-23 110702


My apologies ladies n gentlemen. Didn’t approve the updated post on time.

No posting personal info

Now let’s start this giveaway from the top

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waiting to get free drive

Everyone reply to this message I also want to help in creating a drive for you. reply with the same format listed above.


Thanks for sharing!!
I need it too

Need to unlimited drive please

Please grant it to me


Screenshot 2022-12-24 222342

Don’t share your personal id/s, cards, or emails

Thanks for sharing, hope I’ll get one

Thank you, please share thanks!

Thanks for sharing.
amazing giveaway

I still didnt got access to shared drive please add it admin… and thankyou verymuch

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Thanks for sharing!!
I need that if you can, my email can send where??

Please don’t share emails :disappointed_relieved:

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Thanks for sharing, hope I’ll get one

Hold on! SUch type of posts are irrelevent to this topic.

It will be great; can I have one as well? Thank you in advance.

I need it badly. Please help me