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Explain Ideas Visually - Janis Ozolins

Turn your ideas into viral-worthy visuals to build an audience and attract opportunities . No design background required Grow your audience and attract opportunities by turning your ideas into viral-worthy visuals.

By the end of the course you will

…learn principles that make impactful visuals people love.
…have a system on how to generate novel ideas consistently.
…be equipped with tools to design visuals even as a non-designer.
…learn how to position yourself to attract opportunities and fans.
…learn common mistakes visual creators make and how to avoid them.
…have loads of fun! (based on course students, true story)


Commenting to get an update on this. BTW, You can use Zlib to get books on the same topic go there and search “Back of the Napkin” and see suggestions

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I am also interested for this course.