[REQ] Could anybody help in Taking control over a Education Mail

Hello Guys
I am really new to this area
I have 750 edu mails
with login passwords and emial id
i would like to know how i can really make use of it in good way. I just want free Goggle drive storage via Edu mail
Anybody could help plis
I will 100% share with you guys the pdf of 750 edu mails if anybody will help me in knowing how can i make it mine
Thank you
I really don’t know it is good to post this, please forgive me because i’m new here and i really need edu mail

No, you can’t, unless the owner had set no security

  • Edu emails are controlled by the system admins of the institution where they belongs, that means even of you are a legitimate student or teacher then anything you put in google drive or any related service as GitHub for example, they can see and access it. Of course not every sys admin is obsessed with what you do with the email, but be aware it is not a private email address

here is the link for 750 edu mails