[Req] Anyone knows how to get Github Student Developer Pack?

Hi there,

Does anyone know how to get the Github Student Developer Pack for free?

Go to this link and click on get benefits on the topright
you have provide your college mail id and your college id card front and back image
then within 3-4 daya they will approve

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But my concern is I don’t have the college email id.

Even if you have one (if fake), they will ask for an ID card

But i think github will check the details with id card and college name in mail id. this is what i saw. But there may be any other way. I am not sure.

You dont need a student email to get this pack. Your normal gmail account will be enough. All you need to do is creat a normal GitHub account and go to student pack page and apply with your college Id card. Remember, ID card ( Front and Back) is must to get this pack.

how to uploade both faces if u can only uploade 5mb ?

5mb is more than enough for that… you have to take picture of both sides and then paste it on a single paper. then if it goes more than 5mb you can easily resize it from any photo resize website or tool, just google it… use brain

you sure its okay to uploade both on a paper ? like lets say word document or pdf file ?

i checked it mate u cant upload document file , but the compressor idea worked so thank you alot

You made fake student ID card?

Any idea about which college is working fine?

If you have a college mail which you can verify, or a Student ID:
Go to https://education.github.com/pack/offers , and from there, prove your college mail, if you don’t have one, you can choose to add College ID.
Then within few days they will approve, They approved my request blazing fast in 30 minutes.

is there a good way to fake the student id so that i could have this pack for free
because i didn’t receive an edu mail from my university

any help, please ?!