Rent your Subscription account and Earn Money

Hello Everyone

I am currently working on a platform where you can rent/share your subscription account like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Semrush, Envato, Grammarly, and others without revealing your passwords. You will be paid based on the no. of people who subscribe to your listing.

This will connect those who are willing to avail such subscription at a nominal rate and those who are ready to share

A win-win situation for both the party

What do you think. Let us know suggestion or advice that you have in the comments

What do you think?
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Good Idea! Is your app going to be an extension?

No, It’s not going to be an extension
I Will let you all people know when we go live

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Hi Everyone

We have merged with SPLITSUB to offer you the best all-in-one subscription platform.
Check out the app

App Link:

Invite Code: P01S39RA1 ( Use to get free credits on the app)

Thanks and let me know your opinion