Rachana Ranade 5 Course Bundle (Worth INR20,000/-)

The two solutions for this are,

  1. buying the course with fake information is fake gmail and fake phone numbers which are freely available. The two risks with this are, once they found the course with personal info, they deactivate your account and second one is there is a chance of not working the phone number and gmail.

  2. buying the course with authentic information but sharing only the notes i’e PDF. Though this pdf too have personal info, but can easily edit. The risk with this is people hate text and don’t want it.


haha noice…And thank you :slight_smile:

Can ONLY Audio be a solution? Take down are less with an audio-only course.

I understand that this can’t be applicable to all courses. But atleast those where the presenter is speaking only would be great.

Do you think its a workable solution?

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I wholeheartedly agree. She’s now ripping people off. I had taken many of her paid courses in one go. They also claimed to provide mentoring, support via whatsapp and doubt clearing sessions. But all that is a trap and they’ll invite only few people for doubt clearing session. Some people get invited, majority dont get. Others have also complained on the forum. I’ve also raised the issue but always they give some vague excuse which is a fault from their end only but act as if they’re doing us a favour by even replying to us. All that knowledge is available in books. If you are lazy, then you can find from many Youtube creators for free. She’s not teaching anything extraordinary than what is available on YT.

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first ur big fan …

not exactly a techie,but what i noticed that watermark that pops on the cideo sessions , is basically an html element with changing id , and i m sure that this is being triggered by a js script; so if somehow we can disable that js script that generates that popup. we can rip off the course.

M doing R&D on my end, will reply here if i find something. U have better online presence than me , so if u can fetch some help from some javascript professional… pls go ahead and take them down


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