Rachana Ranade 5 Course Bundle (Worth INR20,000/-)




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Technical Analysis Course By CA Rachana Ranade: DOWNLOAD HERE
Decryption Key: pZSqdV5nJ2XlDIe6UlcCDg


Updated Links

CA Rachana Ranade Basics Of Stock Market

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CA Rachna Ranade Fundamental Analysis Course

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Rachana Ranade Technical Analysis Course

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Thank you. Awesome knowledge. But the files are too big to download is there any torrent file to download it, please share it. :+1:

thank you for sharing these courses

I don’t agree. Did you try reading 5 posts above? The Mega Links still working fine.

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thank you, I got it
sorry I didn’t read that post

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thanks a ton brother

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Thakyou for this. Most of her links get taken down and was finally able to download it!

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Fundamental Analysis 12 lecture is missing please update :pray::pray:

Very useful sharing. Keep it up. :+1:

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has anyone actually learned something from the course and implemented in real life and got results ?
please let me know


Works! Thanks :slight_smile: was waiting for this!

Heyy Ritika if you get the same can you please share it with me

Got it, thank you.:grinning::heavy_check_mark:

I need that too please share if you find

Thank you for sharing!

@Sibijay updated links are working fine :+1: thank you so much

The link update: https://www.terabox.com/sharing/link?surl=BU_4-FutQWEqKmxfwVVU_w


You’ll never going to find her new courses for free in future! Her PR team is so good and has superior technical knowledge. She made every video with personal information of purchaser. For every few seconds, the personal information pops out in the video which is annoying and disturbing. Despite the many complaints about this annoying feature, she ignored. She become greedy and creating the many low quality courses.

Her courses are basic but explains even the basic stuff with great clarity! They are highly recommended to the beginners and lazy people who don’t read books. They alone are not enough and can’t make any money with that basic knowledge. For example her techincal analysis course is too basic and explained the freely available knowledge but charged 17,000 rupees. She even called an technical guy to explain the charts. Many important things like pivots points, CPR, psychology, mindset RR rations, Risk Management are missed. Still people buys them.

Video courses are highly expensive and overrated with low value. Where as Books are dead cheap and underated with great value.

Humans are lazy and dumb, that’s why they go for video courses. Even Rachana Ranade told that ‘whatever she learned is from books’ in her first fundamental course.

Recently I tried and completed James Clear’s Atomic habits book and course. The course is $299 and have not much stuff. Where as the book has more stuff but the price is just 12$ (Indian price is 5.5$).

There are many benefits of reading a book, can easily take notes, highlight the text, can recall within a second What I want, takes less space and many more which you can’t find in course.

The difference between course creators like rachana ranade and couse purchasers is; creators read books and purchasers watch video courses.

Ignore the boring text. Here is the link for her another course: Art of Value Investing by CA Rachana Ranade Only Audio-20211229T085636Z-001.zip - Google Drive Which is another bullshit.