Query related to Mega.nz

Hello y’all
i just want to know that if i export my content from Mega Account 1 …to Mega account 2
the content is copyright of someone else … sooo…if i share that here using acc 2 … and after some times it gets deleted because of Copyright strike…will mega also delete That data from my original account 1…

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I think only acc2 will be deleted

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In my case, no data was deleted … I think only the data (link of the data) that we share publicly will get deleted if it violates mega policy or has any copyright strike

oh so the data of acc 2 will remain ?

if you keep the data private then there it will remain … i think so

Yes, it will remain forever.

account 2 data will be deleted, account 1 will remain safe, and again you can share account 1 data using account 3 for infinite times.

I have tested this.

Thank Y’all for replies… will be uploading 2 courses and sharing here (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

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Please and thanks in advanceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …

How to transfer data from 1 mega account to another

Create a shareable link from account 1 and then on 2nd account open the link and import it on 2nd account.

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Can u send me the link of mega