Python for Accountants 2022 [YOUTUBE COURSE]

This is a 3 hour Beginners Python Accounting Course that covers:
Chapter 1:
:heavy_check_mark: Introduction & Course Outline

Chapter 2:
:heavy_check_mark: Python Fundamentals & Syntax
:heavy_check_mark: Case Study | Automated Stock Market Analysis with the YFinance Library

Chapter 3:
:heavy_check_mark: Introduction To Jupyter Notebook

Chapter 4:
:heavy_check_mark: Introduction To The Data Analytics Library: Pandas
:heavy_check_mark: Various Data Analytics / Pandas Functions
:heavy_check_mark: Case Study 1 | Automate A Sales Report
:heavy_check_mark: Case Study 2 | Data Cleansing

Chapter 5:
:heavy_check_mark: An Introduction to APIs
:heavy_check_mark: Understanding Get Vs Post Requests
:heavy_check_mark: Use Binance APIs To Extract Cryptocurrency Data To Our Script
:heavy_check_mark: Case Study | Using Telegram APIs to Send Stock Price Alerts, Messages & Push Notifications to Your Phone

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