Procrastination Masterclass | Achieve Success Easily with these Tools

Procrastination Masterclass | I worked very hard on this, I read many books and have compiled a masterclass on why we procrastinate and the ways to fix it. Please enjoy.


Fear of failure: we worry the outcome won’t be perfect.

Impulsiveness: we get distracted by sexier activities that pop up while we are about to launch.

Denial: we don’t like doing certain things, so we erase them from our mind.

Rebelliousness: when we feel forced to do something, we just fight back and resist.

the pleasantness of any distraction helps regulate our negative feelings.

your goals/fantasies tend to require actions that might not seem efficient from your brains perspective.

3 different kinds of procrastination:

Idealistic Procrastination: brain creates fantasy; our inability to get that fantasy keeps us from trying

Procrastination of readiness: “I will do this task when I am ready to do it” an attachment to a fantasy/ideal, prevents you from moving forward


  • Recognize that you’re chasing a fantasy. Fantasy is unattainable. Let go of your fantasy
  • Set a more realistic achievable expectation. When you let go of your fantasy, and strive for a an easier goal, the odds of you scoring higher than expected is higher. (And you won’t feel like a failure when you fail which a grand plan is bound to happen)

Avoidance/Consequential Procrastination: Emotions that you try to avoid so we rationally justify what we should do.

  • Using thoughts to deal with emotions is not effective (ie. I will never in the future have a girlfriend thus im worthless and can watch porn and binge on food)


  • Recognize the emotion “What is the emotion I am feeling or trying to avoid feeling?”
  • turn your cognitive empathy → emotional empathy.
  • Instead of being a judge of yourself, be a coach.
  • a coach acknowledges your flaws and encourages you to work on it
  • Take an abstract task and chunk it up. When you have a bunch of checkboxes that are smaller and easier to achieve you’ll end up feeling better at the end if you fail because you can analyze where you went wrong
  • Start at the end of your goal i.e. Accepting a job, and work from there. You’ll be able to see what you need to do in small steps, to achieve your goal!
  • Ask yourself: “Why am I avoiding doing something? Why do I hate this task?”

*A study by Harvard University showed that, when people are daydreaming about something pleasant, it only makes them as happy as when they are on task. The rest of the time, mind-wandering makes people less happy than when they are on the job.

How to stop procrastinating

  • Becoming aware of your emotions
  • Identifying and taming your emotions
  • Understanding what triggers those feelings
  • Acknowledging negative emotions and turning them into positive ones
  • Supporting yourself

The best way to overcome procrastination is to start now.


Thnks the (resumed) advice(s)
But… there´s a course ? videos? PDF? Sorry I´m a BIG procastinator (on my terms)

awesome content and good explaination.

Thanks for much useful information in this channel. Keep posting. :+1:

Great tips, really helpful! :slight_smile:

Yes, really helpful advice.

Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy is one of the best books for a BIG procrastinator.
Get it here: Eat That Frog - Bryan Tracy.pdf (299.2 KB)
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