Process Masterclass - Become a more valuable UI/UX designer

Welcome to an in depth online design course for UI/UX design. Learn design thinking and design execution, and become a more valuable designer

This class is made for the curious learners. For the creatives out there. Whether you are in design, or in other professions transitioning to UI/UX design. This will be the perfect community and class to give you the tools to excel in this industry.

This class will help you — learn a solid design process that top companies use. Gain experience and insight from a mentor and connect with other passionate designers. Ultimately my goal is to help you make more $$$, do more of what you love and build your skillset.

What you’ll Learn

The class is broken up into 2 modules, design thinking and design execution. I believe sound strategy and process should be merged with a great sense of craft.

How we go from user insight and discovery ☞ to effective design solutions. No bullshit. Just valuable lessons I’ve learnt over the last 10 years helping brands like Nintendo, Adidas, Target, and Nissan – to help you become more valuable UI/UX designer.
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