Preset Power (Over 200+ presets)

Turbo-charge your photos with Preset Power. Give your photos a unique and unmistakable style with a simple click with Preset Power!

The Preset Power are not simple presets. Every single Preset Power can give your photographs a mood, colors, and an atmosphere with a strong visual impact. Within each preset that you will find that the Preset Power pack is the result of constant research and improvement, aimed at one goal: to give the eyes an extraordinary result every single time.

With the Preset Power you can

  • Immediately understand at a glance which treatments to give your photographs that creates images with a strong personality.
  • Create stunning images that stand out from the crowd with create your own unique style.
  • Give your photos a professional look with a simple click
  • Always have at your disposal an entire library of over 200 Presets completely different from each other.
  • Reduce editing by 10 times (achieving results with up to 10 times more powerful).

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