[Premium Giveaway] Skillshare Premium 3 month account - request here

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@FreeAct bro can u please give a scribd account

can u share skillshare BIN?

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@Spidey_Sharma Bro, these are the BINs I know, but NONE are working
Skillshare blocked most BINs recently so none are working now

BIN: 4427556xxxxxxxxx -declined
BIN: 5360180x00xc51x2
BIN: 657372229x3x4x0x
BIN: 48674228
Bin: 510458xxxxxxxxxx -invalid
Bin: 406032xxxxxxxxxx -declined
441104xxxxxxxxxx -declined

@jasmine I dont have Scribd right now, I will PM you when i have one

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ohh it means i can’t create a new free 3 month account with any BIN?

Pm i will create 2 months scribd account for free

With working BIN you can make 4 month Skillshare.
But working Skillshare BIN is hard to find right now, before it was easy.
Please check my PM to you.

Dear FreeAcct poster, I’d love to take a bunch of courses on skillshare. Also, gmails are something I can supply (all you need is a cell phone!). If you have any offers left to give away, please consider me a genuinely grateful receipient.

@George_Smith Check your PM for your account, please make for me Gmail+Amazon

Hey there is there skillshare bin available now. can you please provide the bin,

Hi @levi2op Check your PM for Skillshare, please make for me Gmail+Amazon