Premium Canva Edu For Free | Without Documents

First you go to nexo :

Choose “+create”, Set name and choose edu email (I use domain
Then go to

Select Teacher, click Get Verified, continue with email, fill in the edu email that has been created.
Enter the code (check on nexo mail)… Then you got your Canva Edu account without document!!
Set your first password and change it to another email.

Enjoy, Like if you like the share

Note: You can create unlimited accounts using this method
Credit: Nullsto


Not working, verification code not received in mailbox,

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These accounts gets converted to Free after a while. Short Term only. Just go and buy their premium plans if you are actually going to use it. It’s 200% worth it.

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Reopened as OP validated this method.

@Sibijay Canva Team soon will patch it :wink:

I will recommend users to buy it.

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If you were the mod i think you will close every giveaway and ask users to pay for the product. LOL

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But it’s true that this method works on the first day. After that they will downgrade your account to free acc. I’ve tried this method before.
The reason is. So many people abuse is. I saw there are some of them make a bulk and then sell it. That’s why this method no longer working.


Thank you for the share :slight_smile:
They also increased my edu emails limit.

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Thank you for your knowledge. It’s working after 5 days and it will work for long time. Don’t give your half knowledge :rofl:

Welcome! Mine too increase!! :wink:

Working fine. Try again :wink:

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Works! You’re awesome man! Thanks!

This is my account. After 1 day. It got downgrade to free. Why should I lie about it. If you did it worked. Congrats it’s your luck. I just shared my exp here. after all, lying is pointless for me. :smirk:


Hey everyone…take a chill pill. Had to delete nearly 8 posts

I will not tolerate accusation by anyone without any proof.

Neither will I tolerate anyone supporting such conversations.

Come on guys…we have been in the forum for a long time to know if something is wrong, you flag it. Else, have a discussion over dm.

Oh and everyone is free to post their thoughts or experience.

Jeeez.i need a coffee


:laughing: :sweat_smile: :rofl: sometimes it’s just fun though!


Welcome and thanks for you comment :wink:

Thanks you so much. It’s true 100/100 :heart:

Getting strong vibes here :zipper_mouth_face:

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Welcome and thanks for you comment :wink:

Not getting the code on

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One thing You should know is that, Those temporary Edu email providers… Will always be blocked by Canva…

It’s not your fault they might have Blacklist that domain… that why I don’t Use those exposed Temporary Edu email providers.. because sooner or later they will also block all the Account that were created with that email

It’s happen to 10minutes email and nexo email also

But It’s nice to always use it while it lasts :smiling_face::+1:

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