Photoshop Easy - The Ultimate Online Photoshop Course by PiXimperfect

The Ultimate Online Photoshop Course

Learn to Master Photoshop, Take Your Images to the Next Level, and Develop Your Workflow From Start to Finish

Join Photoshop Easy to revolutionize the way you work within Photoshop and take your creativity to new heights.

Photoshop Easy gives you the necessary direction needed to build the best Photoshop practices and workflow
We will not focus on memorizing steps, settings, or values. Instead, we will cover everything you need to know so that you become a master in Photoshop and achieve whatever result you desire by creating your own steps and techniques

Here’s why Photoshop Easy is the Ultimate Online Adobe Photoshop Course:

You will learn true skills and effective concepts that will make you create your own personalized path to mastering Photoshop.

You will be on the right track as you learn Photoshop from a strategically structured path where as you progress, the more familiar you get in the Photoshop world without having to look back.
Start with a strong foundation in Photoshop and enjoy a path that takes you towards your personal artistic independece where you are able to translate your ideas into breathtaking images using Photoshop on your own!

You will have direct access to Photoshop Experts who are there to help you 24 hours a day, with anything and everything about this course. Anytime you face a challenge or have questions, our Photoshop live chat support is at your rescue!

You already have experience using Photoshop and you would like to sharpen your skills and learn new techniques and strategies to work with the highest efficiency, speed up your workflow, and achieve exceptional results.

This is not an Owner’s Manual that is full of theory and absolutely monotonous. Instead, we will learn by playing, having fun, and learning the “why” behind each concept.

The Photoshop Easy Course is geared more towards beginners and intermediates, but even benefits weathered professionals who want to improve their skills and take their work to the next level. You can let us guide you through everything you need to suceed with Photoshop in the right order.

If you want:

1. To develop your workflow
2. Save time, energy, and frustration
3. Take your creativity to new heights
4. Increase your skill level, whether you’re novice or professional

Download: Google Drive <–Missing modules 7 & 8

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3


unable to download or make a copy, it throws an error “data exceed”

Limit will be rest in 24 hours. photoshop – Google Drive
Use this till then


you can try this method: How to bypass Google Drive download limit (quota exceeded) 100% working

How to bypass google drive download limit

step 1: double click on file
step 2: click three dot on right and side of you screen
step 3: click on add a star
step 4: click back
step 5: my drive and create folder
step 6: go to starred above bin on your left hand side of you screen
step 7: right click on file
step 8: click on add a shortcut on drive
step 9: as shown in option goto my drive
step10: create shortcut on folder which you just created
step 11: go to my drive and right click shortcut created folder
step 12 : click download


thank you so much for sharing i have been waiting for this course a long time ago
but its messing some videos and modules

@Kamil_Alsarhan Tell me what’s missing i will send the missing files, If Hauvuhdvn doesn’t have It ; If you people find difficult downloading, let me know, i’ll update with new links without 24hrs limit :heart:


most of videos from module 6 and 7 as well as the whole module 8 is missing

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Here download Missing Files here: 3.47 GB folder on MEGA

@Hauvuhdvn You can zip It and put in same drive if you want :heart:


@Mr_Sinjali Simple way - Always open drive files when signed-in to Google; the folders always gets saved in Shared with me folder in the left; then explore files in drive itself or download any time 1-by-1 when ge time :heart:

I don’t download files, just save It inside like this; and share with others when needed :heart:


Thanks for the amazing course.

it’s the same files I downloaded from the main post drive link
Most of the videos are missing, and for module 8 there are no videos at all, only shortcuts to links that do not work

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Well then have to Update, Stay Tuned :heart:


I would appreciate if you upload this course mega :slightly_smiling_face:


kindly upload all dead html link videos in each section

there are also missing some videos in different sections

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All the parts(7zip files) are looks like have same files.
Is it same?

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Section 7 and 8 video are all gone. hmmm. looking all over the google and site. none of them got the full complete tutorial.


Need module 8 section video please…they are missing


@ram2425mcu No Sucess yet dear, It’s there in my notes to update; will update when get full :heart: