Personal Branding Strategy For Social Media Course - Dot Lung [Domestika Course]

Create a goal-driven strategy for social media to get liked, followed, and shared by your ideal clients


Social media has quickly become the pinnacle of communication and has transformed the way we interact with our favorite brands. It is the go-to platform for successful businesses and entrepreneurs. Dot Lung, a seasoned social media strategist, teaches how to create a powerful online presence and communicate effectively with potential clients.

Following the wide success of her first Domestika course Instagram Strategy for Business Growth, Dot is here to teach you how to give your personal brand a unique and compelling voice to convert fans into trusted customers. Discover the best ways to strategize content to amplify your audience and build a community around your brand that is far-reaching and engaging.


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Hi, I don’t know what happened let me get back to you if I still have that course.

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Can you upload this again? It’s showing " The file you are looking for does not exist!". I also tried with a VPN.

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anonfiles website is not available in other country, use VPN and connect to the USA :slight_smile:

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