Paypal Donate Button Generator Config for OpenBullet!

:wave: Hello, Everyone!
I’m going to share a simple config which I made in OpenBullet for generating Donation Buttons for your PayPal account!

:inbox_tray: Download

:gear: Working
You need to run this config in OpenBullet’s debugger and you don’t need any combos for it. Just click on the “Start” button in the debugger and it will ask you for the following inputs and enter them:

  • PayPal EmailYour PayPal associated Email
  • Donation DescriptionSome Description for the Donation
  • Amount ($)The Amount you want to set (Enter only in Numbers)

After that, it will save the your Donation Button as .html file in your OpenBullet’s directory!

:white_check_mark: That’s it! Hope you like it!