Password Cracking Courses and Guide

Password cracking is one of the most commonly method used by hackers to crack passwords which involves using various computational and other methods to break through the password authentication step.

:unlock: What are password cracking techniques?

:lock:Brute force.
This attack runs through combinations of characters of a predetermined length until it finds the combination that matches the password.

:lock:Dictionary search.
Password cracker searches each word in the dictionary for the correct password. Password dictionaries exist for a variety of topics and combinations of topics, including politics, movies and music groups.

:lock:Rainbow attack.
This approach involves using different words from the original password in order to generate other possible passwords. Malicious actors can keep a list called a rainbow table with them. This list contains leaked and previously cracked passwords, which will make the overall password cracking method more effective.

An attacker may be able to guess a password without the use of tools. If the threat actor has enough information about the victim or the victim is using a common enough password, they may be able to come up with the correct characters.

:heart_on_fire:How to create a good pass?

:dna:Length. As it often is, length is the most important factor.

:dna:Combine letters, numbers, and special characters. This greatly increases the number of possible combinations.

:dna:Do not re-use. Even if your password is strong in theory, re-using it will leave you vulnerable.

:dna:Avoid easy-to-guess phrases. A word that’s in the dictionary, on your pet’s collar or on your license plate is a big NO.

:heart_on_fire:Comprehensive Guide on Password Cracking

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