Packt - Python For Geeks

This eBook that can help you advance in your career with the help of expert tips and tricks. Written by an expert, this book will teach you how to use Python programming language to create apps, websites, games and more.

You’ll start by exploring the different ways of using Python optimally, both from the design and implementation point of view. Next, you’ll understand the life cycle of a large-scale Python project. As you advance, you’ll focus on different ways of creating an elegant design by modularizing a Python project and learn best practices and design patterns for using Python. You’ll also discover how to scale out Python beyond a single thread and how to implement multiprocessing and multithreading in Python.

By the end of this Python book, you’ll be able to do some serious Python programming for large-scale complex projects.
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Bro book is not open

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Error message please. Provide screenshot.

Coz it works for me.

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works for me. nothing error.