Open-Source Restaurant Reservation & Management System


TastyIgniter is a restaurant online ordering system that also allows the users to make reservations online.
A free, open source, self-hosted system based on Laravel PHP Framework, that aims to provide a valuable experience to the end-user and works as an effective restaurant management platform.

  • Open for all

    TastyIgnter is a community of expert and talented coders who are enthusiastic about constantly improving the value of this restaurant management platform, for businesses and customers alike.

  • Anyone can handle

    We know about the struggle of dealing with complicated websites. TastyIgniter is smooth and easy to use, designed for the users’ utmost convenience.

  • SEO power packed

    TastyIgniter is designed in coherence with the marketing requirements of your restaurant. It is a SEO friendly platform, which allows your restaurant to become more visible to your customers.

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