Office365 With 5TB To 25TB Of OneDrive Cloud Storage | Lifetime ⚡

can you please explain of using one of its app thing…because i don’t need/use any microsoft apps except of one drive that too just for backup once in a while.

how should i make sure that it renews every 90 days? thanks in advance man

just go ahead it will still work

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Amazing 5TB Activated!!!

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Does this give 5 tb on @outlook acoount or that developer cuz in my, it still 5 gb.

It’s on your

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mine expired after 6 months also i lost about 500GB DATA
i think we have to purchase rather than that coz DATA is everything the DATA i gather in 6months lost in one Day

Yeah, better buy it. Because this is only for development. No body said that we should store our important data there. Because what? Because it’s FREE and for development only. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Maybe others member should consider not to store important data there. And don’t forget to make a back up. Wise man always find a safe way, right? :blush:


@Tariq_Gohar1 , it’s renewed 3rd time for me…means 9 months…
It’s all about the usage of the account.

Also, It’s not permanent so we all are suggested to keep a backup of the data which we’ve uploaded on the onedrive.

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@Abhishek_Soni thanks for sharing

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