Ning Li – Zero To $5K Copywriting Course

The Proven Blueprint For Writing Copy, Landing Clients, And Earning A Consistent Income Typing Words On Your Laptop In Just 8 Weeks

Here’s The Step-By-Step Blueprint To Write High Level Copy, Land Your First Copywriting Client, And Skyrocket Your Income Past $5,000 / Month In 8 Weeks Or Less

  • Discover the #1 SPEED Hack to writing high-level copy in just 1 or 2 weeks
  • Copy-and-paste my FREE “Clients On Demand” templates that have helped hundreds of copywriters launch their careers
  • Live the “laptop freedom” lifestyle you’ve always wanted just 2 months from now - with this proven beginner’s course from the best damn 1-on-1 copywriting coach in the business

The trainings inside have helped dozens of students go from ZERO…
to making upwards of $20,000 in a single month.

PLUS: investing in yourself and your education has one of the highest ROI’s (return on investment) of ANYTHING you can spend money on.

In other words…
Every dollar you invest into this coaching will come back to you two… three… four-fold or more.
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